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2022 Gorge career Challenge

The Gorge Career Challenge brings real-life career connections to your classroom in a fully-developed lesson + a student challenge related to how a local company uses its technology to help our world. This year the STEM Hub partnered with Hood River-based Overwatch Imaging for the challenge.

Announcing the winners of the 2022 Gorge Career Challenge!

  • Best Overall Class Submissions: Nancy Wilson’s 7th Grade Science Class at Dufur School

  • Best Individual Pitch: Maggie L. (Mr. Cosgrove's HS Biology, Dufur) pitched using Overwatch cameras to improve how cities respond to earthquakes. From Rachel: “This has my vote for the most original solution and the only one of the suggestions that we haven’t yet considered.”

  • Other ideas suggested included:

- Search and rescue for missing hikers

- Search for police or military operations

- Infrastructure inspection

- Sports applications

- Animal applications

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