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Gorge STEM Fair FAQs

Who hosts booths at the Gorge STEM Fair?

Booths will be hosted by local educators, nonprofit organizations, government entities, and businesses whose core work directly relates to science, technology, engineering, and/or math. 

Which types of activities are best?

The best activities are hands-on and demonstrate an idea that is directly integral to your work. 

What is the time frame/time commitment?

The streets will be closed from 4pm to 8pm to allow one hour before and after the event for set-up and clean-up. Arrive as early as possible for best parking.

Who should the target audience be for booth activities?

Booth activities should target school aged-kids. The plan is to categorize booths on a map for attendees by age range, but activities could potentially be appropriate for all ages.

What is the cost to host a booth?

Suggested donation for all booths is $100 for businesses and $50 for nonprofits. No good-fit groups would be excluded if they are unable to contribute financially. 

How is the evening structured?

4pm - 5pm: Set-up

5pm - 7pm: Families meander through downtown, exploring the booths. STEM Fair Guides will be available throughout the two blocks.

7pm - 8pm: Clean-up

What are the goals of the event?
  • Cultivate interest in STEM fields.

  • Raise awareness of the breadth of STEM careers in the Gorge.

  • Celebrate and show how students can get involved in STEM opportunities.

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