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Educator Resources

Guest Speakers

Oregon Connections connects classrooms with industry professionals.

  • Connect with STEM Professionals who can speak to your students, either in person or remotely. 

  • How to use: make an account (free for Oregonians, through STEM Hubs), say what you're looking for, and the tool will match you with a professional.

  • Teachers in our region have already tested OR Connections and recommend it! We're working on building the network of local STEM professionals (most are from other regions right now).

Idea Sheets

Resource Area for Teaching (RAFT) - A fantastic resource for classroom-tested, low-cost activities that you can do in your classroom. They're categorized by CC and NGS standards, as well as topic, for grades K-8. Check them out! 


American Association for the Advancement of Science - Tons of free lessons for grades K-12 on earth science, physics, health/medicine, engineering, math, technology, nature, careers, and more. No account needed - just search for lessons.

Teachers Pay Teachers - lesson plans, worksheets, STEM activities, and more. Most items are for sale but there are free downloads as well.

STEM Professionals

Smithsonian Science How Program - connect with nationally-acclaimed STEM professionals who host webinars and online chats for middle school students. Includes lesson resources. Check the schedule and sign up for notifications; 1-2 events per month. Free but must register.

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