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Youth Voice

About the Youth Voice Program

In 2018-2022 The Columbia Gorge STEM Hub led the Chief Science Officers Program in Hood River and Wasco Counties. Learning from the benefits and challenges of that program, we have shifted in 2022 to a new approach: Teen STEM Leaders.


This includes three facets:

1. Supporting STEM Clubs at local high schools (active clubs at The Dalles High School and Hood River Valley High School). 

2. Training Teens to be STEM Leaders in their high schools, in ways that fit for their school and community. Open to teens in our 5 Oregon counties.

3. Supporting summer and school-year work program for teens who are trained in Social-Emotional Learning and support STEM Programming at local community organizations and K-8 schools. Co-led with Wasco County 4H and open to teens in Gilliam, Hood River, and Wasco counties.

High schools interested in starting a STEM Club are welcome to contact the STEM Hub.


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