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Computer Science for all

Computer Science GEER Funds

In Fall of 2022, Governor Brown committed $6 million in K-12 Computer Science education initiatives, awarding grants to each of the 13 regional STEM Hubs across the state of Oregon. In collaboration with educators from across our region, the STEM Hub will support the following projects:


  1. Professional Development for educators -  allowing educators to explore new CS equipment and collaborate with others to implement new technology into their classroom​

  2. Regional Lending Library - expansion to include K-12 Computer Science equipment, resources & materials

  3. Regional Computer Science & STEM Weeks - providing ready-to-go kits, materials and resources to all educators


The Computer Science GEER Funds granting opportunity will enhance our strategic plan by embedding computer science education into our current projects and expanding STEM learning for all students.  Careful consideration has been taken to ensure our grant proposal addresses the variety of needs for school districts in our region, as each of our district’s computer science education plans and course offerings are in different stages of implementation and development. We have chosen to focus on strategies that ensure equity–both regionally and demographically–and are rooted in potential for system change. 

Take our survey and tell us more about the CS technology you want brought into your classroom or school.

Current opportunities

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23-24 School Year Educator Opportunities 
22-23 School Year Educator Opportunities 
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