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Microgrant for STEM Projects

$400 - $1000+

Click below to view the selection criteria and application.

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COVID-Response Microgrant

$400 - $1000+

Click below to view the selection criteria and application.

Columbia Gorge STEM Hub Microgrants

STEM Hub Microgrants are awarded to fund equity focused, STEM-related projects or initiatives that will have a lasting impact.

Teachers, administrators, and out-of-school educators may apply. Grants will be reviewed by committee, using a scoring matrix aligned with the scoring criteria. (Microgrant scoring criteria here and COVID-Response criteria here).

With support from the Oregon Department of Education and the Oregon Community Foundation, we are able to open this opportunity to to any educator in Gilliam, Hood River, Wasco, Wheeler, and Sherman counties. 

Congratulations to our 2021-2022 Winners!

  • Hands-on Ecology Lessons for 5th Graders at Dry Hollow – Wesley Mitchell, Dry Hollow Elementary 

  • STEM Bins Home Connection–Tess Welk, Dufur Elementary

  • Fossil Junior High Snow School–Brian Anglin, Wheeler High School

  • Robotics Across the District: Ozobot Fun–Sally Anderson, Hood River School District

  • Middle School Robotics at Dufur–Jody Weaver, Dufur School District

  • Pneumatics for Engineering–John Trimble, Hood River Valley High School

  • Chromosome Student Modeling Packs–Kathryn Davis, Hood River Valley High School

  • Let’s Build: Makerspace Center–Jessica Dye, Chenowith Elementary

  • STEM Maker Station–Ashley Macnab,Liz Cranston & Amy Huffman, Sherman County School District

  • Take Home STEM Night– Kim Yasui, Mid Valley Elementary 

  • Inclusive Scientific Library–Sara Crompton, Parkdale Elementary

  • Creation Station–Annika Dobo, Dry Hollow Elementary

  • K-5 Makerspace–Tess Welk & Leona Egeland–Dufur Elementary

  • K-3 STEAM Classroom Kits–Kerri Convery, Hood River Options Academy

  • 4th-6th HROA STEAM Lending Library–Lisa Albrecht, Hood River Options Academy

  • STEAM Through Reading–Hailey Elliott, Dry Hollow Elementary

  • Robotics Rebirth–Alan Cunningham, HonkerTech at Arlington High School

  • Ozobots for All Kids–Tia Wells, Mid Valley Elementary School

  • Hands-on Learning with a Van De Graaff Generator–Jamie Carr, Wy’East Middle School

  • K-1 Math Response Paddle Boards–Ami Felt, Chenowith Elementary

  • VEX Robotics State Championship–Lu Seapy, Wasco County 4-H

  • COVID Diagnostics via Genetic Testing–David Clarkson, Hood River Valley High School

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