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Past Grant Recipients

Awarded 2021-2022

  • Hands-on Ecology Lessons for 5th Graders at Dry Hollow – Wesley Mitchell, Dry Hollow Elementary 

  • STEM Bins Home Connection–Tess Welk, Dufur Elementary

  • Fossil Junior High Snow School–Brian Anglin, Wheeler High School

  • Robotics Across the District: Ozobot Fun–Sally Anderson, Hood River School District

  • Middle School Robotics at Dufur–Jody Weaver, Dufur School District

  • Pneumatics for Engineering–John Trimble, Hood River Valley High School

  • Chromosome Student Modeling Packs–Kathryn Davis, Hood River Valley High School

  • Let’s Build: Makerspace Center–Jessica Dye, Chenowith Elementary

  • STEM Maker Station–Ashley Macnab,Liz Cranston & Amy Huffman, Sherman County School District

  • Take Home STEM Night– Kim Yasui, Mid Valley Elementary 

  • Inclusive Scientific Library–Sara Crompton, Parkdale Elementary

  • Creation Station–Annika Dobo, Dry Hollow Elementary

  • K-5 Makerspace–Tess Welk & Leona Egeland–Dufur Elementary

  • K-3 STEAM Classroom Kits–Kerri Convery, Hood River Options Academy

  • 4th-6th HROA STEAM Lending Library–Lisa Albrecht, Hood River Options Academy

  • STEAM Through Reading–Hailey Elliott, Dry Hollow Elementary

  • Robotics Rebirth–Alan Cunningham, HonkerTech at Arlington High School

  • Ozobots for All Kids–Tia Wells, Mid Valley Elementary School

  • Hands-on Learning with a Van De Graaff Generator–Jamie Carr, Wy’East Middle School

  • K-1 Math Response Paddle Boards–Ami Felt, Chenowith Elementary

  • VEX Robotics State Championship–Lu Seapy, Wasco County 4-H

  • COVID Diagnostics via Genetic Testing–David Clarkson, Hood River Valley High School

Awarded 2020-2021

  • Native Plant Garden for Bees & Butterflies - Robin Cael, Trout Lake School

  • Hydrogen-Powered (Fuel Cell) Car At-Home - Emily Martin, Hood River Valley High School

  • Capstone Project for 5th Grade Astronomy - Wesley Mitchell, Dry Hollow Elementary

  • Biotechnology in the Classroom - Emilie Miller, Columbia Gorge Community College

  • Science Modeling - Kathryn Davis, Hood River Valley High School

  • Growing Minds through Genius Hour - Annika Dobo, Dry Hollow Elementary

  • STEM Enhancement LEGO - Emily Findeisen, Parkdale Elementary

  • IT Infrastructure - Jeffrey Hawkins, Pacific Crest Innovation Academy

  • Outdoor Science Classrooms - Lu Seapy, Wasco County 4-H

  • Library Grab-n-Go STEM - Jennie Glaspy, The Dalles Wasco County Library

  • Authentic STEM Activities for English Learners during Distant/Hybrid Learning - Susan McCourt, Chenowith Elementary

  • Chemistry labs for mass, density, isotope ratios - Kevin Haspela, Hood River Valley High School

  • Community Works Camera - Peter Lawson, Hood River Valley High School Community Works Program

  • Digital Cameras for Microscopes - Robin Haight, The Dalles Middle School

  • Soil and Water Science - David Scharfenberg, Hood River Middle School

  • We are Here to BUILD - Tess Welk, Dry Hollow Elementary

  • Lego Robotics & Coding - Teren Humphrey, Condon School

  • Arduinos for Electrical Engineering - John Trimble, Hood River Valley High School

  • Monthly STEM Bins - Shannon Monroe, Parkdale Elementary

  • Crazy Circuits Makerspace Set - Tom Dalbey, May Street Elementary

  • Solar/PV Kits for Energy Resources - Emily Martin, Hood River Valley High School

  • Greenhouse Grow Lighting - James Latshaw, Mitchell School

  • Telepresence Tech to Close the Technology Equity Gap - Laurie Stanton, Dry Hollow Elementary

Awarded 2019-2020


  • 3D Printer for 4th Grade - Tom Dalbey & Kate Getchis, May Street Elementary

  • OSMO for Dry Hollow - Tess Welk, Dry Hollow Elementary

  • Little Engineers Club - Kate Cannon, Mosier Community School

  • LegoWeDo Kits - Gus Hedberg, Parkdale Elementary

  • Vernier Lab Equipment - Kelly Cunningham, Klickitat School District

  • Ozobot Evos - Pam Turley & Debi Gallagher, Westside Elementary & May Street Elementary

  • CNC Vinyl Cutter - Del Medenbach, Lyle School District

  • Drone Engineering Physics Unit - David Sharfenberg & Patrick Getchis, Hood River Middle School & Wy'east Middle School

  • Luminary Supplies - Erika Doring, Mill A School District

  • Science Tools for Early Learning - Margaret Takagi, Condon Childcare

  • Surgical Robot Project - Jenny Collins, Dufur School

  • 3D Printer for Sherman County - Tyler Dearborn, Sherman County School

Awarded Spring 2019


  • School Library STEM Kits - Corinne Dichter, Wy'east Middle School

  • Girls Who Code Club - Sally Anderson, Westside Elementary

Awarded Winter 2018-2019


  • Edison Robots for Exploring Computer Science – Amy Foley, Hood River Valley High School

  • Vernier, Introducing Modern Science Data Collection Techniques and Instruments in Science Labs – Andrew Nelson, Wy’east Middle School

  • iPads & Seesaw for Kindergarten – Courtney Middleton, Colonel Wright Elementary

  • Scholarships for Advanced Math Class – Eric Cohn, Hood River Community Education

  • Greenhouse – Kevin Hunking, Arlington School District

  • Place Based Professional Development for Teachers – Kieran Connolly, Mosier Community School

  • Light-Up Marker Board for Special Education – Meranda Toole, Chenowith Elementary School

  • STEM Maker Station in the Classroom – Mikka Irusta, Mid Valley Elementary School

  • Music, Vibes, & Strings Collaborative Lesson – David Scharfenberg, Hood River Middle School & Patrick Getchis, Wy’east Middle School

  • Eagle Park, an Outdoor Space for Science Activities – Mike Mahoney, Fossil Elementary School

  • Boyde Cave & Smith Rock Field Trip – Brian Anglin, Wheeler High School

  • Outdoor Skills Trip – Brian Anglin, Wheeler High School

  • OMSI Trip – Jessica Dye, Chenowith Elementary School

Awarded Spring 2018


  • Grow Light - Megan Ferrell, Westside Elementary

  • South Wasco STEAM - A. Anderson, South Wasco County School

  • Makey Makeys - Rebekah Rottenberg, Hood River Middle School

  • Bloxels - Matthew Gerlick, Hood River County School District

  • Discovery Center Field Trip - Brittney Bauer, Westside Elementary

Awarded Winter 2017-2018


  • Flipped Elementary Classroom - Nancy Malitz, Mosier Community School

  • Physics of Sound Field Trip - Ramona Hartwood, Colonel Wright Elementary School

  • Protobot Mini Robot Lesson Development - Lu Seapy, Wasco County 4-H

  • STEAM Maker in Residence - Dylan McManus, The Dalles-Wasco County Library

  • SECRETS Outdoor Education - Steve Chance, Colonel Wright Elementary School

  • Connecting the Classroom to the Environment: Columbia Gorge Field Biology - Sarah Lyon, Hood River Alternative High School

  • Women in STEM Lunch Club - Amy Foley, Hood River Valley High School

  • OMSI School Science Field Trip - Leanne Haifley, Cascade Locks Elementary


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