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Who can check out Lending Library items?

The items pictured below are available to any educator in our 5 Oregon counties and educators in Klickitat and Skamania counties in Washington. This is program is constantly evolving. If you have suggestions, please contact us.

Lending Library process

Our lending library items are mostly available through the SAGE library system. You make a request online and have it delivered to your closest library. A few large items are housed at the STEM Hub. For those items the Hub Director will be in touch to arrange delivery or pick up of the item. (Feel free to contact us directly if you don't get a timely response).

  • Oregon residents: use your county/city library card to make requests through your library's online portal or CGCC's site (links below).

  • Oregon residents without access to a city library: you may sign up for a card at Columbia Gorge Community Colleges Library in The Dalles (Building 1).

  • Washington Gorge residents: you may get a library card from the Hood River Library and then access the SAGE system.

Incorporating Lending Library items in your classroom

Get inspired! Check out some lesson plan ideas that utilize these items.

Molecular Kit 2.jpg
Molecular Kits

Includes 14 kits and  student guides


Programmable remote-control vehicle


300 pieces + 4 cars

Code & Go

1 BeeBot + 1 robot mouse, programmable


30, easy to use

K'nex building structures

3 sets with extra pieces

Knex renewable.jpg
K'Nex Renewable Energy

24-32 student class set

Ozobot Evo

18 sets + activities

Ultimaker Go

Portable 3D printer + filament

Sphero SPRK+ Power Pk

Includes 12 SPRK+ robots, 2 kits available


FLL Jr team sets (x6)


3 sets with extra pieces


8 sets + 12 activities


30, fully adjustable, durable, includes carry strings

K'nex Maker Kit

18-36 students class set

Weather Station

Teacher led, monitor weather patterns at school

Ozobot Bit

12 sets + activities

Wireless Projector

PC + Mac compatible, for temporary use

Video Studio Kit

3 kits available

Simple Machines

Class set

Blocks & Blueprints

3 levels, 20 different designs

Liquid Measuring Sets

4 sets, customary + metric units

Loupe Magnifying Glasses

36, durable, 5x magnification

K'Nex Exploring Machines

32 student class set


Class set + prepared slides

Snap Circuits Jr

15 student class set

White Tent

8' x 8', water resistant, for STEM events

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