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What we do

Empowering, informing, and engaging STEM Leaders for an evolving world.

What is the STEM Hub?

The Columbia Gorge STEM Hub is one of 13 regional STEM Hubs across Oregon. Our mission is to ensure all Gorge youth are STEM-literate & future-ready. We accomplish our goals through a Collective Impact model, partnering with schools/districts, community-based organizations and STEM industry leaders to increase access to quality STEM learning experiences for youth PreK-20. The Hub is supported by the Oregon Department of Education and local donors.

Mission statement :

The Columbia Gorge STEM Hub is building a regional network of schools, educators, community based organizations, and business partners working to ensure that ALL learners in the region are STEM literate and future-ready. STEM literate students are able to think critically, design, and apply skills, concepts, and content from science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to understand and solve problems. Future-ready learners have an interest and confidence in STEM topics, the capabilities and skills to succeed in the modern workforce, and a sense that a STEM career is possible for them.

Who we serve:

Families & Youth (PreK - 20), Educators & Community-Based Organizations

In the counties of:

  • Hood River, Gilliam, Sherman, Wasco, & Wheeler (Oregon)

  • Klickitat & Skamania (Washington) - in collaboration with the Southwest WA STEM Network

Strategic Planning: 

During the winter & spring of 2023, The Columbia Gorge STEM Hub joined 10 other STEM Hubs from across the state to engage in a qualitative study of state-wide shared impact. After analyzing the findings, the Columbia Gorge STEM Hub identified themes, organizational strengths and areas of growth, further developing the organization's Strategic Plan for 2023-25; the Hub will continue to seek guidance and recommendations from the Leadership Advisory Council, as well.

Columbia Gorge STEM Hub: Shared Impact Report


State-wide Shared Impact Report

2022-2023 Annual Report

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