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What we do

Empowering, informing, and engaging STEM Leaders for an evolving world.
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STEM Hub annual report 2021-20222
Mission statement 

The Columbia Gorge STEM Hub is building a regional network of schools, educators, nonprofits, and business partners working to ensure that ALL learners in the region are STEM literate and future-ready. STEM literate students are able to think critically, design, and apply skills, concepts, and content from science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to understand and solve problems. Future-ready learners have an interest and confidence in STEM topics, the capabilities and skills to succeed in the modern workforce, and a sense that a STEM career is possible for them.

Who we serve 
  • Families

  • Students (PreK - 20)

  • Educators

  • Businesses & Nonprofits

In the counties of:

  • Hood River, Gilliam, Sherman, Wasco, & Wheeler (Oregon)

  • Klickitat & Skamania (Washington) - in collaboration with the Southwest WA STEM Network


The Hub is supported by the Oregon Department of Education and local donors.

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