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Oregon Chief Science Officers
About the Chief Science Officers Program

CSO is a nationwide program that aims to elevate the popularity of STEM and empower students to bring STEM opportunities to campus. CSOs serve as advocates for STEM education in their schools and beyond. They teaming up with faculty advisers and the Columbia Gorge STEM Hub to implement action plans that will advance STEM opportunities in their schools and community.

Student Fact sheet

Elected Chief Science Officers for the 2020-21 School Year
  • Hood River Middle School - Tyler F. (8th), Elana G. (8th), Kylin E. (8th); Advisor: Mr. Smith

  • Hood River Valley High School - Fergus W. (9th), Leah S. (9th), Delia S. (10th), Sandra C. (10th), Aden C. (11th), Lucas E. (10th), Hailey S. (10th), Steven S. (12th); Advisor: Ms. Davis

  • The Dalles High School - Sophia L (10th), Maisie B. (10th), Lucy B. (10th); Advisor: Ms. Rice

  • The Dalles Middle School - Addison P (7th)

  • Wildwood Academy - Sylvia M (8th), Gus R (7th); Advisor: Dov Rohan

  • Wy'east Middle School - Rylyn B. (7th), Sophia K. (7th), Adileni Y. (7th); Advisor: Ms. Arechaga

Helpful Links

National CSO website

Article about the US's first Chief Science Officers


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