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Field Trip Grants

Selection Criteria

Grants will be selected based on the following:

Potential for Lasting Impact (15 points)

We know field trip grants can only go so far in terms of having a lasting impact. However, those that are designed with such impact in mind will be given preference.

Cost Effectiveness

(10 points)

These grants are meant to mostly cover the cost of travel. The distance of the trip should be factored in. 

You may apply for up to $500 for each field trip.

Ensuring Equity

(40 points)

Does the idea expand access to STEM experiences to historically under-represented populations.​ Depending on your school, this could be defined by gender, ethnicity, or income.

Expanding Quality STEM Experiences

(35 points)

Does the idea build on what is already provided at your school?​ Does it bring a completely new experience to students? Is there a potential to expand the idea to other schools?

How to Apply
  1. Fill out the application form. Applications are reviewed in December and March of each year.

  2. A committee will review applications; those awarded funding will receive their school's check within 3 weeks of grant decisions.

  3. Go on the field trip and expose your students to new science, technology, engineering, and/or math (STEM) experiences. 

  4. Submit the after-action report (written with at least 1 photo or video). This ensures that your school can apply for future grants and helps us secure more funding!

After Action Report
  • ​This takes 10-60 mins to complete; it's meant to provide accountability but not be onerous.

  • The data will be used to secure more funding... and therefore more grants!​

  • If you're worried about this commitment, check it out before applying for a grant. 

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