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Career Connected learning

Career Connected learning: Gorge Goals

Lead Partners
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Join a Collaboratory:

Are you a leader for CCL or work-based learning (WBL) initiatives within your county or across the broader Columbia Gorge region who is interested in getting involved?

Columbia Gorge Career Connect is a cross-sector, bi-state effort to increase career connected learning opportunities for youth in Hood River, Wasco, Gilliam, Sherman, Wheeler, Klickitat, and Skamania counties. 

Career connected learning goals in the Gorge include: 

  • Career Awareness & Exploration | Learning ABOUT Work

    • Guest speakers​ 

    • Worksite Tours

    • Career Expo

  • Career Preparation | Learning THROUGH Work)

    • Paid Summer Internships 

    • Paid STEM Teen Mentors

Submit a local STEM event:

Do you have a STEM event or STEM news you’d like us to share with our network? We’d love to partner with  you to create a greater awareness around STEM & Career Connected Learning initiatives that are happening in our 5-County Region and beyond. 

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