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Covid-Response STEM MIcrogrants

Selection Criteria

Grants will be selected based on the following:

Equity & reach

(30% weight)

Projects that positively impact a significant number of students with the majority coming from populations under-represented in STEM (females, Latinx, African Americans, American Indians, low-income students and those in very rural areas) will score highest. ​

Enabling more/better access to STEM, science, or math within distance learning (30% weight)

Proposals that will significantly increase access to and/or quality of STEM, science, and/or math instruction during the pandemic will score highest. 

Lasting impact on expanding quality STEM experiences

(20% weight)

Proposals that clearly and definitively show how access to quality STEM instruction or experiences will be improved beyond the pandemic will score highest.

Cost effectiveness 

(10% weight)


Counties with less access to funding (10% weight)

Amount requested should be enough to fund the project (either alone or with other guaranteed funds). ​

Schools with less access to other funding opportunities will receive additional points.

How to Apply
  1. Complete the 2022-2023 Application Form (Available November 1st). 

  2. A committee will review applications; those awarded funding will receive their school's check within about 1 month of grant decisions.

  3. Embark on the activity to expose your students to new science, technology, engineering, and/or math (STEM) experiences. 

  4. Submit the after-action report (written with at least 1 photo or video). This ensures that your school can apply for future grants and helps us secure more funding! 

After Action Report
  • ​This takes 5-10 mins to complete; it's meant to provide accountability but not be onerous.

  • The data will be used to secure more funding... and therefore more grants!​

  • If you're worried about this commitment, check it out before applying for a grant. 

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